Fund Managers


Forex Fund manager is an expert, trade the forex account on behalf of investor and deducts the fee for trading service. The Fund managers will do research in market and technical analysis to manage the trading accounts of investors. Traders can choose the profitable fund manager to trade their account and reward him according to their profit earnings.
  • As a Manager with good performance record you can attract an unlimited number of investors and investments.
  • Can fully concentrate in trading. No need for client interaction.
  • Can get clients globally. Unlimited earning potential.
  • Receive your income automatically every month.
  • Your trading strategy lies secure with you. No need to expose it.
  • Your open trade position is kept hidden. We show only closed trades on our PAMM performance.
  • Top fund managers will be rewarded suitably by Swissinvestor.(

Trading Security

With Swissinvestor ( you can be absolutely sure your deposits are secured in every possible way.

Maximum Control

You determine the majority of the parameters and settings on your account.


Each investor’s participation in the manager account is automatically fine-tuned following every deposit.

Get Alerts

Be alerted when funded into your account. Our alerts allow you to plan new positions on your account.